So it is day 4 of torrential rain here on the Gold Coast. Don’t get me wrong, I love the rain. But when it starts here it seems to come all at once…. for days on end.

This is great for the gardens and the water supply. It isn’t so great when you have a large family like myself and trying to keep up with drying washing. Right now, as I type this, I have washed clothes hanging off everything possible around all the rooms of the house. The fire is on and the ceiling fans are going. I have also just returned from the laundromat with three loads.

It made me think of when it pours in business…. I’m talking good rain… money rain… WOHOOO!!

When it rains in business it seems to all come in at once. It is exciting and fulfilling. We feel like all our hard work is finally paying off. The stress lifts and the bills get paid. 

Heck, this is why we started our business in the first place right?

We are high with life. 

We feel successful. 

We feel rich.

Finally, we have the cash to go on a shopping spree for ourselves.

And then…. BOOM! 

As quickly as it poured, it has dried up again. This is what they call the feast and famine cycle.  Not only has it dried up but it has also left you with nice surprises of higher than normal GST payments and tax payments. Your expenses have also gone up with it.

Now you are regretting buying those new shoes and handbags that you didn’t really need.  I hear this from business owners every single day.  Money tends to come in floods and cycles and is followed by a drought.

So, what can we do about it?

It all comes down to how you manage the flow. With the right strategies and systems in place, the money comes in and is allocated. It keeps things organised and simple. It helps you manage the feast and famine cycles.

It’s like my strategy for endless rainy days here. My ‘normal’ system of drying clothes in the sun doesn’t work in such times. So I kick into my rain strategy. I have spent one hour this morning at the laundromat. It has given us a week’s worth of dry clothes. In a week, the weather will be clear. 

I have been helping clients with money strategies for over fiftenn years. It is what I know and what I am great at. 

Would you like some help with a money strategy for your business to manage the peaks and troughs and reduce your money stress?

Have a wonderful week,