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Ignite My Biz

You have spent many years building your business. You are earning a good income. You are seen as an expert in your field.

You have invested heavily in yourself through courses, personal development and business coaches. 


You know you are destined to play bigger BUT you feel stuck.


You feel stuck at your income level and working harder isn’t shifting it. 


You are ready to uplevel and you are ready for authentic help from an aligned leader who has walked your path.


Ignite My Biz is a 1:1 Coaching program for established business owners who are ready to uplevel their income, impact and legacy in the world.


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Clune And Co Publishing

After authoring a chapter in a multi-author book – Wild Woman Rising – in January 2021, that became an international Amazon bestseller within 24 hours, Leanne’s finance business underwent a massive boom. The power of the book to leverage her business was incredible. Leanne was so impressed by the results of the book she co-authored that she decided to add a publishing arm to her business. Clune & Co Publishing facilitates multi-author books for small business owners to strategically increase their cash flow by using the books to increase their visibility, grow collaborative opportunities and position themselves as leaders in their fields. Clune & Co Publishing is very much focused on Return on Investment for the authors and provides strategic business coaching and professional PR to achieve this.

Applications are currently being taken for Catapulting ChangeMakers – Soulful women on the leading edge of business.

Abundance Amplification

Amplifying Abundance is a 12-week program with intensive support designed for the Change-Maker female entrepreneurs. These women are here to change the world on a profound level and need to manifest more cashflow in order to fulfil their highest purpose.


“How AMAZING is this lady!! Absolutely phenomenal!!!!! I can’t recommend Leanne enough. She is such a pleasure to deal with and so knowledgeable and professional. What a rare gem!!!”
Simona Garcina, Gold Coast, Australia.

Create Your own financial reality

Optimize Your Business Goals and Objectives through manifestation

Hi I am Leanne. I love nature and the simple things in life such as bike riding, bush walking, beach, swimming and hanging out with friends and family. I am married and have three amazing sons who inspire me everyday. I am super passionate about living life on my own terms. I have been running my own business for over 15 years. It has given me the flexibility to be there for my kids and also to scale up and scale down when required.

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